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Corporate responsibility

Mott MacDonald, as an organization, firmly believes in a broad interpretation of corporate responsibility, and we manage our business in that way. Our definition of corporate responsibility includes environmental sustainability, but goes well beyond that to include corporate governance, client service, community support, and maintaining sustainable relationships with all those who are engaged with our firm.

We recognize our place in the broader setting in which we operate, and aim to be a respected and respectful member of the North American business community. This means that we work to protect the environment, care for our staff, develop long-lasting, value-added relationships with our clients, give back to the communities in which we work, operate transparently and uphold high standards of safety and ethics, provide quality services, properly manage risk, and conserve resources. In short, we are an organization with high values, and we are committed to living by them.

Given our firm’s size, we recognize that operations and our projects will have an impact on the natural and social environment, and that our behavior can make a difference. We are determined to ensure this impact benefits all those who work with and for our organization.

Mott MacDonald’s focus on corporate responsibility can be viewed in four contexts:

  • Ethics, our principled approach to our profession and our commitment to the highest standards of business conduct
  • Internal operations, our internal policies related to corporate responsibility, programs to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize waste and energy use, and programs that advance a culture of transparency and sustainable operations
  • Project sustainability, the implementation of projects that contain sustainable elements (such as LEED certified projects) on behalf of our clients