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Promoting diversity at the workplace isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s good business — and it’s especially important in the field of engineering.

Writing in The Huffington Post, Professors David Goldberg and Mark Somerville say that “responding to the economic, social, and environmental challenges of the coming century will take more than increased numbers of engineers. It will require a more diverse population of engineers.”

Nick DeNichilo, President and CEO of Mott MacDonald, agrees. According to him, “Our commitment to diversity continues to be a source of strength. It is one reason we have excelled in innovation.”

How does Mott MacDonald encourage diversity? In a variety of ways.

Inclusion in Recruiting. In order to encourage students of all backgrounds to consider a career in engineering, we attend career fairs and gives demonstrations at a variety of outreach events and post-secondary institutions. This includes engagement with historically black colleges and universities, associations that support and encourage advancement of women, First Nations schools, and military veterans. To learn more about career opportunities please visit our careers page.

Supporting Our Diverse Workforce. Hiring diverse candidates is just the beginning. Mott MacDonald strives to provide an inclusive environment in all our activities, and our learning and development program provides support for staff members at every stage of their career.

We offer a Young Professionals Organization, a Professional Excellence program, and development programs for both young professionals and senior managers. Staff benefit from lunch-and-learn sessions, internal webinars, and a wide variety of online courses.

Working with Diverse Businesses. We strive to include diverse and local stakeholders in every project. We continue to meet and exceed minority participation goals on a regular basis for many projects across North America. We routinely engage with and seek minority teaming partners from Minority Business Enterprises, Women’s Business Enterprises, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and local community groups to draw upon the skills we need to complete projects successfully.

Professional Organizations. Mott MacDonald helps advance diversity by encouraging staff to take part in chapter memberships, workshops, sponsorships, scholarships, and other activities with independent professional organizations.

Our commitment to diversity continues to be a source of strength. It is one reason we have excelled in innovation.