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Calculating construction carbon/cost

Capital cost and carbon emissions are two essential types of data in today's engineering projects. What if you could measure them both at once?

Developed by Mott MacDonald and the Institution of Civil Engineers in the UK, CapIT is the world’s first online construction capital cost and carbon estimating tool. A powerful estimating tool, CapIT gives up-to-date cost and carbon information, enabling quick and accurate estimating.

Users can report on the carbon emissions and cost of capital construction works using a single measurement process, leading to big efficiency savings for design teams.

With CapIT, you can identify substantial reductions in costs and embodied CO2. You can appraise the impact of your decisions on all elements associated with the construction process, and make better-informed decisions.

With CapIT you can do all this:

  • Estimate the initial capital works of civil engineering and/or building projects
  • Estimate capital cost and embodied CO2 in one calculation
  • Create alternate versions and compare them
  • Download data into spreadsheets so you can seamlessly integrate carbon and cost estimates into your existing project documents

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