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Engineering a successful coastal project requires an impressive battery of technical skills, from coastal processes and geomorphology to hydraulics and logistics. Mott MacDonald has the range of experience and the breadth of engineering expertise your project requires.

We specialize in coastal engineering analysis and design related to various coastal and waterfront projects. These projects include coastal resilience measures such as shoreline protection, stabilization, beach and dune nourishment, evaluation of sea level rise and storm impacts, ecosystem enhancement, and optimizing harbors, marsh creation, waterways, and marine terminals.

Mott MacDonald has the knowledge and experience to deliver the most innovative, cost-effective, and world-class solutions to some of the most challenging projects. Our state-of-the-art modeling capabilities enable us to analyze the problem and help you to determine the best-performing solution.

We offer a full range of services needed to plan, design, and manage each project efficiently and effectively, saving our clients time and money.

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