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Coastal processes modeling and analysis

The design of coastal, waterfront, port, and navigation projects requires sophisticated modeling and analysis.

Mott MacDonald's 2D and 3D numerical models for waves, flow circulation, and sediment transport have been validated and used in numerous projects in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Our comprehensive set of wave models consists of numerical modeling codes including SWAN, HWAVE, Bouss2D, and others that can simulate wave transformation, refraction, diffraction, reflection, run-up, and overtopping for most known wave conditions.

One example: The flood shoal of San Luis Pass in Texas contains more than 40 million cubic yards of beach-quality sand. The State of Texas retained our company to identify the best locations for sand removal. Mott MacDonald conducted numerical modeling to identify the migration corridor of sand, identify areas of deposition, and evaluate the hydraulic and sedimentation changes that might occur from dredging sediment traps or tidal channels.

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