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Data and database solutions

Hosted solutions offer significant advantages to clients over traditional self-hosted software. Infrastructure costs are shared across a group of users enabling regular upgrades without the need for the sometimes lengthy internal capital approval process.

Software upgrades are handled by the hosting services, relieving the client of a constant source of headaches. Help desk services costs are spread over several user groups, making this expensive service feasible even for smaller client organizations. Due to these and other advantages, the move to hosted, “software as a service” solutions is likely to continue.

Mott MacDonald operates a data center designed specifically for clients in the infrastructure industries, such as utilities requiring a secure facility that is available 24x7. Featuring strong physical and network security, it is designed to minimize the potential for unauthorized data access. At the same time, its convenient location on the Internet backbone and utilization of powerful servers ensures ready access to authorized users.

Backup UPS systems and on-site backup generators ensure power reliability. A comprehensive offsite data backup process enhances data integrity. Mott MacDonald incorporates redundant fire suppression systems for additional protection.

Mott MacDonald currently houses both Oracle and SQL-based databases. As Mott MacDonald is an ESRI-licensed application service provider (ASP), either database can be accessed using our hosted ESRI solutions.

Our Fieldbook™ software solution is hosted at the data center. It provides a suite of easy-to-use tools for asset management applications such as inspections and document management. Mott MacDonald also maintains a robust FTP service to assist with project management needs. For more advanced project management needs, we provide third-party project management solutions.

The shared cost advantages of our hosted solutions allows clients to enjoy the benefits of high-end, sophisticated tools and infrastructure at a cost unlikely to be attainable using standalone, internal resources.

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