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Hydrologics, hydrology, and geomorphology

Modeling the behavior of rivers, lakes, and other inland waterways may be just as challenging as analyzing oceanfront phenomena.

Mott MacDonald uses standard Corps of Engineers models such as SED2D, SEDTRANS, as well as the advanced 2- and 3-dimensional models MORPHO, FLOW3D, and others. Numerical modeling of sediment transport is followed by modeling of geomorphologic processes, including scouring, sedimentation, short- and long-term bathymetry, and coastal form changes.

As part of an effort to restore the salmon fishery in the state of Washington, barriers to fish were removed from Wilson Creek. Mott MacDonald was retained to help increase complexity and enhance fish habitat in the creek. A specially designed weir ensures the correct flow depth and velocity for fish to pass a decommissioned diversion structure.

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