Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allows a user to view infrastructure in a single, seamless map viewed from a desktop, laptop, or palmtop computer. With the power of GIS, important information related to the infrastructure can be analyzed from the same computer interface. GIS allows vast amounts of data to be viewed, queried, analyzed, and shared.

Over the last decade, Mott MacDonald has made significant investments in GIS and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies to support our clients’ needs.

Mott MacDonald believes that a GIS should be developed in a controlled, phased approach that emphasizes the return of benefits in the short term. Over the long term, the GIS can be developed with additional applications and integrated with operations throughout the organization.

As the costs of GIS software, hardware, and mapping continue to drop, Mott MacDonald can develop a GIS to fit any budget. We provide a full range of GIS services:

  • Needs assessments
  • Implementation plans
  • Database design
  • Data capture and conversion
  • Hardware/software configuration
  • Application and tool development
  • Client-server deployment
  • Web deployment
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Training and support

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