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Multimodal transportation

Today's multimodal public transportation projects balance a range of transportation alternatives: high-speed rail, light rail transit, streetcars, commuter rail, heavy rail, bus, and bus rapid transit.

Mott MacDonald has designed and managed some of the world's most prominent multimodal projects. Our experience has its roots at the beginning of the London Underground more than a century ago and extends to our present-day involvement in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Portland, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Boston, New York City, Buffalo, Calgary, Toronto, and Washington, DC.

Our expertise includes a complete range of services, from feasibility studies, planning, preliminary and final design, contract and construction management, and inspection, through startup and testing.

Mott MacDonald provides light rail, commuter, and heavy rail planning and engineering services, including systems integration for large multicorridor, multiproject transit systems involving multiple stakeholder groups. Our project teams perform project controls, project coordination, planning, and procurement for the implementation of large and complex transit projects.

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