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Pipeline services

Reliable community wastewater infrastructure is essential to communities large and small. It promotes economic development, protects public health and environmental quality, and is essential in today’s competition for jobs.

For decades, the pipeline specialists of Mott MacDonald have created cost-effective, sustainable infrastructure. Our engineering solutions optimize hydraulic performance and extend the life of pipelines through sophisticated life-cycle cost analyses.

Our engineers recognize the importance of selecting the most effective pipeline construction method for the routing situation. Whether it’s a 10-foot-diameter trunk sewer or a nominal 12-inch-diameter lateral sewer, we strive to minimize utility conflicts and optimize constructibility.

When it's important to minimize surface impacts — on a city street or an environmentally sensitive area — Mott MacDonald draws on our nationally recognized specialists in trenchless technologies, from microtunneling to pipe bursting. We provide the critical assessment, design, and construction management that’s needed.

Our expertise doesn’t stop there. We also use the newest proven pipeline rehabilitation methods to address existing pipes, particularly those constructed of brick or prestressed concrete cylinder pipe. These services have been critically important to reduce sewer system infiltration that occupy needed capacity, or cause sewer system overflows.

Whatever your needs in sewer or drainage pipelines, Mott MacDonald delivers solutions.

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