Rail systems

Although modern technological advancements have permeated every part of rail systems, many “traditional” technologies are still in active service. For both freight and passenger systems, it is imperative that railway companies and agencies remain cost effective and competitive, whether through major expansion, upgrade, or replacement.

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of our staff, Mott MacDonald successfully integrates existing systems with those that are more technologically advanced. We are experienced in the following rail systems:

  • Communications & controls
  • Fare collection
  • Signaling & train control
  • Traction electrification systems
  • Ventilation & fire life safety
  • Train control centers

Mott MacDonald provides design, project management, construction supervision, and management for various systems components. Other services include evaluations, computer modeling and simulations, systems integration, systems safety assurance, testing and commissioning, and safety certification.

Our knowledge of our clients’ operations and maintenance needs, and our familiarity with relevant codes and specification, often result in reduced life-cycle costs for the equipment. As systems integration specialists, Mott MacDonald ensures full integration for various systems components, from the conceptual design phase through the entire development, procurement, and testing process.

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