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Storage tank management

Safe and effective storage tank management requires the skills of professional geologists and engineers. Environmental and safety issues are paramount when handling and storing petroleum products.

Mott MacDonald's staff can investigate, analyze, and make recommendations on tank management plans, tank upgrades, and/or new tank designs. They are familiar with current state, provincial, federal and US EPA rules and regulations, and can expertly assist in compliance with current standards. Our design team is experienced in double-walled steel or fiberglass tanks, as well as tank upgrades in compliance with the regulations.

Our expertise in storage tank management is an integral part of the broader range of fueling expertise we offer. Mott MacDonald understands the fueling requirements of all types of aircraft, and our expertise encompasses new, replacement, and upgraded jet fuel and aircraft fueling systems.

Our experience in this area covers complete hydrant system modifications with controls, instrumentation, truck hauling, and non-hydrant distribution facilities for airports and landside fuel depots. Our integrated approach is proven to save capital, operating, and maintenance costs with sustainable results.

Our firm offers the following services for storage tanks:

Evaluation of existing tank systems

  • Registration, permitting & release reporting
  • Compliance evaluations
  • Abandonment in place
  • Removals & disposals
  • Upgrades & modifications

Design of new tank systems

  • Corrosion protection systems
  • Double-wall steel & fiberglass
  • Vault or below-ground installations
  • Above-ground concrete
  • Dispensing units for motor fuel
  • Multifuel tank partitioning for gas & diesel
  • Instrumentation leak detection systems
  • Canopies & islands
  • Specialized #6 heating oil design

Aviation fuel facilities

  • Determination of future system needs
  • Hydrant systems
  • Truck hauling
  • Distribution facilities

Bid plans & specifications

State & local construction code permitting

Construction management

System startup

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