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In addition to quality and safety, sustainability is one of Mott MacDonald’s key performance indicators in the delivery of projects to our clients. Our goal is to find creative, practical, and efficient solutions and strive to create projects that allow for the preservation and enhancement of scenic aesthetic, historical, environmental, economic, and other community values.

Designing, constructing, and operating projects using sustainability principles can provide long-term cost savings and increased efficiency, result in a more positive public image, improve stakeholder relations for our clients, as well as benefit the environment.

To help our clients determine the appropriate level of sustainability for their projects, Mott MacDonald has developed a 4-Level Approach to Project Sustainability that includes options for sustainability guidelines and rating systems (if applicable), as well as a toolbox of sustainability software and processes.

Level 1 is structured to meet minimum mandatory sustainability-related regulations. Levels 2, 3 and 4 suggest a number of optional Sustainability Tools we can use to facilitate achievement of the client’s goals. Levels 3 and 4 typically involve third-party sustainability guidelines appropriate for each level: for instance, LEED,® the Sustainable Institute of Infrastructure’s envision, Greenroads, and/or GreenLITES.

Our sustainability toolbox includes tools for all phases of a project: planning, design, construction, and operations & maintenance. Included are proprietary applications and processes developed and used successfully on the Masdar project (the world’s first planned zero carbon city).

LifeCYCLE, one example of these tools, is a comprehensive application that can simultaneously measure the carbon and costs of a project from construction through operations & maintenance — and it can evaluate an unlimited number of alternatives. LifeCYCLE is the first industry tool of its kind to provide these complex calculations. We also have specialized tools for geo-engineering, bridges, and water projects. The Sustainability Tools page contains a list and brief explanation of all of our sustainability tools.

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