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Sustainable transportation planning

Sustainable infrastructure encompasses every transportation mode — from bicycles and pedestrians, bus rapid transit, and rail, to roads, ports, and airports. Transportation planning is one of the overarching drivers of sustainability, and applying it successfully can benefit the residents of a community, the travelers passing through it, and the environment.

To put sustainable transportation solutions into practice, we offer our clients two sustainability management processes: INDUS and LifeCYCLE. Mott MacDonald created these programs using practical experience on landmark projects where sustainable development was a priority, including Masdar City Infrastructure Design, Abu Dhabi Surface Transportation Master Plan, and Leeds New Generation Transportation Plan.

Mott MacDonald provides peer review services for credit development of the Sustainable Transportation Access Rating System (STARS). Led by the North American Sustainable Transportation Council, the system’s objectives are to improve access to information, goods, and places; help achieve climate and energy goals; and improve cost-benefit.

Mott MacDonald is reviewing best practices and innovative strategies for STARS to determine evaluation criteria/performance metrics for sustainability approvals of transportation projects.

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