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Transmission and distribution

Buried infrastructure is a vital element of a water system that is often overlooked. Designing and maintaining underground systems may involve route assessments, analysis of simple and complex piping networks, and evaluation of pipeline failures.

Mott MacDonald has designed hundreds of miles of new and replacement transmission and distribution pipelines for many water utilities. Our analysis and design has also involved flow control and monitoring facilities including metering, pressure regulating, and surge protection systems. We have evaluated pipeline rehabilitation techniques and designed improvements to extend the useful life of existing buried infrastructure.

Mott MacDonald's world-class tunneling and trenchless technology capabilities enable us to develop cost-effective solutions. Our capabilities include the following:

  • Route assessment
  • Water transmission and distribution system master plans
  • Hydraulic modeling and surge analysis
  • Detailed design
  • Pipeline materials selection
  • Trenchless technologies including tunneling, microtunneling, and HDD
  • Interconnection design
  • Metering/PRV stations
  • Subaqueous crossings
  • Permitting
  • Pipeline rehabilitation
  • Asset planning
  • GIS integration

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