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Travel demand modeling

The optimum performance of any transportation system relies on a thorough analysis of its operations. By applying comprehensive local and regional transportation modeling, it's possible to generate a clear picture of the outcome of alternatives and recommended paths.

Mott MacDonald's capabilities include static and dynamic models, from long-term regional transportation planning to neighborhood-level microsimulation featuring individual traffic counts in real time. Our expertise in demand forecasting includes toll roads, public transportation systems, and roadways.

To accurately forecast transportation demands, we assist with data collection and create specialized transportation models using forecasting software tools such as TransCAD, Cube, EMME/2/3, VISUM, MINUTP, and Tmodel. Modeling capabilities include speed study surveys, traffic counts, trip tables, and microsimulation.

We can design high-quality congestion and travel time models using a combination of both historical and current data. Our experience includes demographic research, economic conditions, environmental conditions, and development trends.

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