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Trenchless technology

Trenchless technologies offer tremendous advantages to constructing and rehabilitating water, wastewater, and industrial infrastructure. Often, trenchless solutions are the only solutions to constructing new pipelines in environmentally sensitive areas or in areas not amenable to traditional open-cut construction practices.

Trenchless installations can include constructing pipelines beneath runways, railways, transportation corridors, water bodies, shorelines, and congested areas. Trenchless rehabilitation technologies offer solutions to restore functional use of pipeline systems and extend the life expectancy of existing systems.

Mott MacDonald's approach derives from a proven foundation. We evaluate the individual challenges of a project, understand the client’s need and constraints, and effectively develop a solution that best manages the client’s risks.

Whether it’s a highway tunnel or a gas pipeline installed with horizontal directional drilling (HDD), our ability to evaluate and compare alternative solutions helps us deliver successful projects for our clients. We offer a track record of delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions, big or small.

Our expertise in trenchless technology includes applications in new infrastructure, water infrastructure, wastewater infrastructure, and industrial infrastructure.

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