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Mott MacDonald’s Wastewater Practice delivers solutions to your water quality issues.

Wastewater challenges in the 20th century focused on installing the basic sewage treatment systems to address widespread water pollution problems. From the 1970s to the turn of the century, the primary investments built new infrastructure, which had not existed up to that time. These new systems removed the visual and primary evidence of pollution, demonstrating engineering prowess, public commitment, and the operations success of the entire wastewater industry.

Mott MacDonald is proud of our contributions to wastewater planning, management, and engineering for our clients — and our innovative and nationally recognized facilities.

The 21st century has brought new challenges for the industry:

  • Renewed emphasis related to old water quality concerns such as untreated sewage overflows from sanitary and combined sewer systems
  • New water quality issues such as nutrients, pharmaceuticals, and disinfection byproducts
  • Energy management strategies
  • Sophisticated stormwater controls including decentralized Green Infrastructure strategies to reduce urban and agricultural non-point water quality impacts
  • A need for water planning and management employing wastewater reuse
  • Funding concerns, particularly to address crumbling infrastructure assets

Mott MacDonald's wastewater capabilities and resources have grown with these challenges. No longer are durability and efficiency enough. We address sustainability, use the state-of-the-art nanotechnologies, and employ the newest watershed strategies to address your regulatory mandates.

Mott MacDonald serves our clients in all aspects of wastewater and wet weather management, including these:

  • Biosolids processing and disposal
  • Wastewater processes for a complete range of effluent requirements
  • Odor control
  • Wastewater reuse
  • Wet weather management

Each of these wastewater practice areas offers Mott MacDonald the opportunity to deliver solutions to our municipal, industrial, and regional agency clients.

Mott MacDonald is committed to excellence in wastewater planning, management, and engineering. Our specialists plan, design, and implement wastewater collection and treatment facilities for a wide range municipalities and regional utility authorities.

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