Internal operations

As a responsible corporate citizen, consultant, and employer, Mott MacDonald takes sustainability very seriously. We have integrated sustainable practices into our culture through our projects, values, and our day-to-day operations. We are implementing our internal sustainability program through three initiatives:

  • Our operations are assessed continuously to build on our sustainable approach to business.
  • We encourage and support training and education with an emphasis on professional advancement and credentials.
  • We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our business operations.

With over 60 offices and 2,000 staff, as a business organization Mott MacDonald has a significant carbon footprint in North America. We are aware of the ways that we impact the environment, and are actively seeking to reduce this impact through a series of “Local Environmental Practice Plans,” or LEPPs.

Each office has a local Sustainability Champion, who is asked to prepare an annual LEPP, which sets measurable objectives designed to reduce our environmental impact. Each office is free to establish context-specific objectives and to propose specific actions to meet those objectives, but some common themes addressed in these plans include:

  • Recycling wastepaper
  • Use of recycled paper (and other) products
  • Recycling batteries
  • Waste reduction – paper and other products
  • Energy reduction – Lighting and Heating
  • Reduction in travel (to minimize fuel consumption and emissions)
  • Use of materials which are relatively more degradable and less toxic
  • Awareness and training

Professional excellence

Mott MacDonald is committed to the professional development of its staff, which is accomplished through learning and development programs, professional excellence initiatives, knowledge sharing, mentoring, and career development reviews.

Mott MacDonald staff are encouraged to engage in technical and professional communities, as well as internal social management functions. These include Graduate programs, Young Professionals, company “retreats,” and management and leadership training programs.

Risk, safety & ethics

At Mott MacDonald, proper governance is about minimizing risks to our staff, our clients, their projects, and our organization. Our CLASS (Communication, Leadership, Assurance of Quality, Supervision, and Staff competence) program integrates many of our management principles to continually guard against systemic risks.

Our management drives a safety culture throughout the organization, supported by full-time safety specialists, safety committees, training programs, awareness campaigns, and rigorous monitoring. Through this consistent effort, we have raised safety awareness and best practices throughout the organization, significantly improving our incident statistics. Mott MacDonald holds itself to a high ethical standard, implementing its ethics policy via training, awareness, communication, and transparency. We simply will not do business any other way.

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