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Professional excellence is an integral part of Mott MacDonald’s corporate culture. Based on the premise that a consulting firm’s success is directly linked to the quality of its staff, it follows that firms with highly qualified staff will tend to secure and execute more challenging projects.

The converse is also true — In order to attract and retain the best staff, we must have challenging project assignments that will engage them. These experiences will, in turn, enhance their individual learning and career advancement. Our clients benefit as well, because we can deliver more highly skilled and motivated project teams.

Professional excellence supports all sides of this relationship; it encourages the development of technical skills, which helps our staff deliver smarter, more innovative solutions. We help them develop their personal skills as well, which aids in their career advancement. Finally, our clients benefit from more highly skilled and motivated project teams. Professional excellence is the focus we place on technical staff development, which drives the upward spiral of satisfied clients and professionally fulfilled staff.

Here are some examples of how Mott MacDonald drives a culture of professional excellence within the firm:

  • Learning & development. This program consists of a series of training and development programs designed to achieve multiple development objectives, from on-boarding to technical skills development, to leadership training, to personal effectiveness training. Our Learning and Development training consists of e-learning courses, technical seminars, and off-site intensive formal programs. This program seeks to “continuously engage” staff at all stages of their career.
  • Practice culture. We maintain formal Practices in key market sectors that integrate staff, business development, and project execution firm-wide. Each Practice is led by a national practice leader and regional deputy practice leaders, who are responsible for the growth of their segment of the firm’s business as well as the development of the staff necessary to support it. The Practices share knowledge through proprietary Knowledge Centers, maintain technical subcommittees that address key issues and technologies, and organize technical symposia that facilitate knowledge-sharing with our clients.
  • Mentoring. For interested staff, the firm supports a mentoring program, designed to provide one-on-one career development advice by senior members of the firm.
  • Internal technical excellence awards. Each year, we organize and supports internal technical competitions that celebrate outstanding achievements in project management, client care, technical papers, and individual and team excellence. Awards are given out in a broad range of management and technical categories. The awardees are recognized and publicized within the firm.
  • External technical excellence awards. The firm actively supports submission of completed projects in external award competitions, where it has been very successful in all of our market sectors, achieving the highest levels of distinction by the sponsoring national and technical organizations.
  • Tuition support. The firm reimburses staff for courses taken in matriculated degree programs, encouraging the attainment of advanced degrees by our staff.
  • Industry certifications. When relevant, the firm will provide or support specialized staff training in order to secure technical licenses or certifications.
  • Special events & programs. Events and programs are organized to engage staff at various levels of their development. Examples include the annual Graduate Weekend, the Young Professionals Organization, the Sustainability Steering Committee, and the Diversity Committee.
  • Communities of practice. The firm has a number of active communities that are driven by individual staff who share common technical interests. Less formal than Practices, they also facilitate knowledge sharing through means such as knowledge centers, discussion boards, and Yammer feeds.
  • Knowledge management. The firm’s Intranet is highly developed and permits individuals to locate other individuals with specialized skills and experience, regardless of geographic location. This encourages collaboration and utilization of technical skills that may reside across the geographic office footprint.

At Mott MacDonald, we are committed to developing our staff to their highest potential. This commitment creates win-win benefits for our clients as well as our staff. By attracting and retaining high-quality staff, we have accumulated a body of knowledge, expertise, and portfolio of projects that are competitive with the best and largest firms in North America.

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Randy Essex
Director of Professional Excellence