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Project sustainability

Mott MacDonald engineers and helps clients build infrastructure projects. Many of these, by design, are intended to mitigate environmental impacts. For example, wastewater treatment plants are traditionally designed to reduce the impact of wastewater discharges so that they have a minimal environmental and ecological impact. Even so, it is possible to design and construct such facilities in a way which reduces the environmental impact of the facilities construction and operation.

Our external focus is to consider feasible sustainable elements in all of our projects, seeking third-party certifications where applicable or desired (LEED, STARS, etc.). Since incorporating sustainability principles must be done deliberately, the firm has developed a proprietary guide which provides our staff with a process which is implemented at the beginning of a project to assure that sustainability principles are considered at an early stage, and throughout the development of the project.

A more detailed presentation of our approach to incorporating sustainability principles into our working processes can be found in the Sustainability section under "Expertise" in the main menu.

Our “Sustainability Guide” is part of our work process, and incorporates the use of a number of tools which are designed to assess the impact and footprint of a project and alternatives at the planning stage.

INDUS: Integrated Design and Sustainability Methodology. INDUS integrates sustainable development criteria into project work providing an appraise framework to guide clients to their sustainability objectives. It relies on using the three pillars of sustainability: economy, society, and environment.